E-Prothom Alo । ই-প্রথম আলো

eProthom Alo  is the largest online bangla news paper.   eProthom Alo is the online version of printed The Daily Prothom Alo. Prothom Alo is the world's largest Bengali News paper. Prothom Alo has been in the first position among all the Bengali newspapers.

eProthom Alo is the Online Version of Prothom Alo Newspaper

Yes, it is true. eProthom Alo is the online version of printed Prothom Alo. You will feel the same test and image of printed copy of Prothom Alo from it's online version. eProthom Alo uses the worlds best technology for displaying and presenting their news to their readers.

eProthom Alo is the Mirror of Our Culture and Society

eProthom Alo is the mirror of ours. It reflect our country, society, culture, development, events, etc. At the same time it represent the news of corruption, injustice, crime, murder, political violence, etc. the dark side of the world.

Why People Love E-Prothom Alo?

People love eProthom Alo for its world class presentation of news, honesty and dedication for publishing realistic and honest news at first. They are famous for presenting the last news at first to their readers. A highly trained and dedicated team of journalists  are collecting news and presenting to their reader 24/7.

Categories of News in eProthom Alo

Below is the list of news sections/categories of eProthom Alo.
  1. National News
  2. International News
  3. Editorial
  4. Sports News
  5. Politics
  6. Entertainment
  7. Lifestyle
  8. Business
  9. Ecenomy
  10. Science & Technology, etc. 

 How to Read eProthom Alo!!!

For reading eProthom Alo you need not to spend any money. E-Prothom Alo is absolutely free. You just need any device for browsing webpage and a reliable internet connection, that's it.  You need nothing else for reading e prothom alo. All necessary things you already have. So, just click the below button and continue reading e prothom alo.