The Daily Kaler Kantha । কালের কণ্ঠ

"কালের কণ্ঠ" is one the most popular news papers of Bangladesh. Kaler Kantha is very famous and popular for its realistic and true news. They never negotiate with corruption and dishonesty.  Thousand of Bengali start their day with a cup of tea and The Kaler Kantha. For national and international most recent news people always depends and rely on The Daily Kaler Kantha. 

What news you will find in Kaler Kantha?

You will come to know national news, international news, politics news, sports news, information technology news, entertainment news, lifestyle news, business news, and so many categories news by reading The Kaler Kantha.

Where to read The Kaler Kantha!!!

The Kaler Kantha has both printed version and online version. You can read any of those two forms. Here you will find the online version's web address. BD Bangla News Papers is presenting you the web address of The Daily Kaler Kantha. 

News Categories of The Daily Kaler Kantha

  1. National News - জাতীয় খবর
  2. International News - বিদেশের খবর
  3. Politics News -  রাজনীতি খবর 
  4. Law and Justis - আইন-আদালত খবর 
  5. Business News - বাণিজ্য খবর
  6. Entire Bangla News - সারাবাংলা খবর 
  7. Sports News - খেলাধুলার খবর 
  8. IT News - তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি খবর 
  9. Life Style News - জীবনযাপনের খবর
  10. Entertainment News - বিনোদন খবর 
  11. Cultural News - সংস্কৃতির খবর
  12. Foreign Affairs - পরবাস খবর
  13. Others - বিবিধ খবর

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Online Bangla Newspaper of Bangladesh

Bdnews24 is a online bangla newspaper of Bangladesh. Bdnews24 started its journey as a online news portal of Bangladesh. Now a days it is one of the most popular news portal of Bangladesh. You can easily understand, how popular is BdNews24 by simply knowing its PR(Google Page Rank). It is 5 out of 10.

BdNews24 has two version, one is in English and another is in Bengali. Both version is very popular in Bangladesh. People love to read Bdnews24 and also rely on them. Because it is a good source of fresh and latest news of Bangladesh as well as of entire  world. 


News Categories of Bdnews24

BdNews24 has divided all its news into some categories. The categories are as follows.

Bangladesh News
Politics News
Economy News
World News
Technology News
Science News
Environment News
Health News
Lifestyle News
Entertainment News &
Others News


Where to read Bdnews24!!

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Akti Bangladesh

Akti Bangladesh

Akti Bangladesh is one of the past news portal of Bangladesh. One of the good performing news portal of Bangladesh was "Akti Bangladesh". They had good flow of news. 

Every organization should have specific goal and dedication to execute all the plans for achieving goals.  May be "Akti Bangladesh" had some lack for achieving the goal. Proper planing and accurate forecasting is must for the existence in this competitive world.

By the way "Akti Bangladesh" is no more in this world. We all are sorry for it. Still you can check the URL by simply clicking on the above button called "Read Akti Bangladesh"

Bangladesh Protidin

Bd Banglanews Papers publishing the one of the most popular news website of Bangladesh is Bangladesh Protidin. For reading national and international most recent news please read Bangladesh Protidin.

Daily Comillarkagoj

Bd Banglanews Papers is representing the website of Daily Comillarkagoj. It is published from Commila. The Daily Comillarkagoj talks about Comilla. For the news of Comilla and all over the Bangladesh read The Daily Comillarkagoj. 

Amader Noakhali

Bd Banglanews Papers is publishing the official website of the largest community of Greater Noakhali. For being in touch with Greater Noakhali please visit Amader Noakhali. It is the place of sharing the feelings of Noakhali.