The Daily Kaler Kantha । কালের কণ্ঠ

"কালের কণ্ঠ" is one the most popular news papers of Bangladesh. Kaler Kantha is very famous and popular for its realistic and true news. They never negotiate with corruption and dishonesty.  Thousand of Bengali start their day with a cup of tea and The Kaler Kantha. For national and international most recent news people always depends and rely on The Daily Kaler Kantha. 

What news you will find in Kaler Kantha?

You will come to know national news, international news, politics news, sports news, information technology news, entertainment news, lifestyle news, business news, and so many categories news by reading The Kaler Kantha.

Where to read The Kaler Kantha!!!

The Kaler Kantha has both printed version and online version. You can read any of those two forms. Here you will find the online version's web address. BD Bangla News Papers is presenting you the web address of The Daily Kaler Kantha. 

News Categories of The Daily Kaler Kantha

  1. National News - জাতীয় খবর
  2. International News - বিদেশের খবর
  3. Politics News -  রাজনীতি খবর 
  4. Law and Justis - আইন-আদালত খবর 
  5. Business News - বাণিজ্য খবর
  6. Entire Bangla News - সারাবাংলা খবর 
  7. Sports News - খেলাধুলার খবর 
  8. IT News - তথ্যপ্রযুক্তি খবর 
  9. Life Style News - জীবনযাপনের খবর
  10. Entertainment News - বিনোদন খবর 
  11. Cultural News - সংস্কৃতির খবর
  12. Foreign Affairs - পরবাস খবর
  13. Others - বিবিধ খবর

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